Since 1977!

A message from the owners and

managers of Fultano's.

Fultano's considers our guests and our staff our extended family.  We want to do all we can ensure the health and safety of not only those that work along side us, but those that we serve as well.

We are dedicated to regular hand washing and sanitizing work surfaces. Starting with the basics is always the best first step.

Our delivery cars are all company-owned.  They are only used for food delivery, and never to drive the kids to school or take the dog to the beach. 

Most locations have transitioned to card-only transactions to avoid the need to handle cash and coin.  Additionally we are not asking for signatures on credit card slips so the person on the phone may ask if you would like to add a gratuity.  Yes, this feels very awkward but we do not want our staff's income to be affected because of this decision!

Most locations are offering curbside pickup.  We will bring your order to the car as our buildings are not open to customers.

Thank you for trusting us to serve your family!