Please select the card value you would like.  We can either email the card or send it USPS, please select which option you would like and if you choose for us to email the card, please give us the recipient's email address.

The payment page on PayPal will ask a mailing address but if you select 'Email' we will send it directly to the recipient via email.

If you are ordering multiple cards simply select continue shopping from the payment page, it will bring you back here.  You can also change the quantity from the payment page.

If you have any difficulty please call Toby at 971-328-0197 and leave a message.  He will reply as soon as possible.

Gift Card Page

 Please note- You must purchase gift certificates on-site for the Canby and Cannon Beach locations.  Our gift cards are not valid at those two stores.

USPS delivery, please allow up to one week.
Email delivery, please allow up to 48 hours.


After selecting the card value, you will be forwarded to the secure PayPal payment page.

Thank you for your purchase!

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